Carbide Tool Carbide industry to seize the commanding heights of the domestic

According to the Japanese knives Association statistics show that China has become the world's largest machine tool consumer, followed by Japan, the United States and Italy. View output from the tool, carbide cutting tools production continued to grow in recent years, while the high-speed steel cutting tools is beginning to show a downward trend, carbide significant growth in export volume, the main export destination in Asia, followed by Europe and then to North America and other regions. 

High-speed machining has been generally considered to increase production and reduce manufacturing costs of the processing technology. Dry machining or MQL concept is now the Canadian industry to reduce the environmental and production costs the main objective. Coating of tool manufacturers and suppliers, the most important thing is productivity. Cutting (cutting speed, cutting amount per unit time) of 20%, the manufacturing cost will be reduced by 15%. Increasingly stringent processing requirements need to further develop the tool materials and coatings to improve the processing conditions and improved tool design. 

Home analysis tool with carbide material has entered the era of development represented, and high-speed steel, carbide has better performance and higher cutting efficiency, which, together with the hard material, the implementation of modern cutting technology an important guarantee for efficient processing. Not a good tool material, any innovation and cutting tool technology advances are lack of necessary physical infrastructure.