Carbide indexable cutting tool market share Cause Analysis

With machining technology continues to progress, carbide indexable cutting tool in automobiles, motorcycles, heavy machinery and other industries more widely used. Judging from the current use of domestic carbide indexable cutting tool market share of less than import tool, the reason, the following main points:

1.  product quality awareness is not strong, some domestic producers lack adequate tool quality consciousness. Domestic indexable material of poor quality, less variety, incomplete specifications, product quality improvement tool to increase the difficulty. From the appearance of the product quality point of view, import tool appearance, color and texture much better than domestic knives. In the product performance, compared with domestic knives and imported tooling high dimensional accuracy, good stability, high durability, removal rate, the tool and its accessories with good interchangeability, the general assembly of precision can be achieved after .

2. pre-service tool imperfect, many foreign companies have included tool selection for users, suppliers, spatula, timely replacement of other thoughtful services, while many domestic tool vendors doing enough in this regard, the service is simple and extensive. 

3. small workshop production still accounts for a large proportion of the economic and other reasons, some domestic small workshop tool production plant still represents a significant proportion of production, processing, low level of technology personnel, poorly equipped, it is difficult to ensure product quality. By the tool machining quality parts and assembly tool products caused by the quality of some of the quality problems are still difficult to eliminate.